Christ-centered Living

( [email protected] ) May 25, 2004 09:30 AM EDT

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, (Colossians 2:6)

According to Rick Warren in The Purpose-Driven Life, one of God¡¯s eternal purposes for our life is to become like Christ. The word for that is discipleship. It means not only that we follow Christ¡¯s example, but that we allow Christ to live in us. Warren writes, ¡°Christlikeness is not produced by imitation but by inhabitation¡± (p. 174).

That is exactly what the apostle Paul is talking about when he uses the phrase ¡°rooted and built up¡± in Christ. Just as a tree with deep roots gets its nourishment from the soil, so the Christian who has deep roots in Christ cannot easily be brought down. And just as a house built on a strong foundation stands fast, so the Christian life is sturdy and stable because it is built on the strength of Christ.

A young boy was doing his best to lift a heavy rock. His father walked by and asked if he was having trouble. ¡°I can¡¯t move this rock,¡± said the boy. ¡°Are you sure you¡¯ve tried everything?¡± his father asked. ¡°Yes,¡± he replied. ¡°No you haven¡¯t,¡± the father said. ¡°You haven¡¯t asked me for help.¡± Living in Christ opens us up to God¡¯s strength.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to be rooted and grounded in you. Amen

Source: Words of Hope