How to Beat the Summer Heat

( [email protected] ) Jun 03, 2004 10:09 PM EDT

Apostle Paul was the person who rode in the sweltering sun just to deliver a mandate for Stephen’s death. Even though during that time, people would refrain from much activities since the climate was so hot, Paul –then Saul—had so much passionate hatred for the Christians that the heat of the sun was of no match. However, after his conversion, God was able to use Paul’s passionate heart for good works in spreading the Gospel.

There are times Christians can be judged under the overwhelming passion of the world for non-God-like purposes. Shouldn’t Christians who hold the Great Commission in their hands and an incomparable motive of love in their hearts exemplify more passion for the Kingdom of God than people for purposes of lesser value?

During the summer, it may be easy for Christians to lose focus on what is urgent since the weather may dictate fun in the sun and freedom from work or school through laziness. But there are basics in the lives of faith Christians should never let cool down no matter how hot the weather is outside. The inside should always be burning with hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Keep to these basics in faith to fend off the summer heat of temptation and stagnation:

1. Word - If there is one thing to keep near you this summer, it is not your sunscreen, but something that provides the greates protection against flames of arrows from the evil one--the Bible. It will baptize your spirit with the fire of the Word and allow you to experience renewal during months when faith may want to take a vacation.

2. Prayer - It is the key to opening the door to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can provide more liberation than any summer trip to the beach. More than cleansing the physical body with relaxing recreational activities during the summer, find strength and peace in the gift of God from above.

3. Fellowship - Remain united with a spiritual center such as a church or Christian fellowship. Temptation came to Eve when she was alone. From the Biblical lessons you learn as you listen to the word, put them into practice by participating in communal Christian activities and gatherings. Also, learn to share the love of God, agape, with others who have yet to know Christ.