Following Faith, Hope, and Love

( [email protected] ) Jun 12, 2004 05:55 PM EDT

If there was passage people remember from reading the books of Apostle Paul that would be the chapter on love in 1 Corinthians 13. At the end of the passage, Paul says, ¡°And now these three things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.¡±

The three words describe a very progressive approach on how a person can live out the one basic teaching of the Bible- love. The first step is to have faith. Setting up a vertical faith in God means to believe absolutely in His love for mankind. It is with faith that God sees the future of His Kingdom in a fallen world and it is with faith that man can also see the God¡¯s dream despite binding circumstances and harsh realities. Because man has faith in the absolute Sovereignty of God¡¯s Providence, there is hope inside him. He does not fall into despair from bumps in the road but he knows that what God has set out, He will do. The Kingdom of God is an already-won battle. From the strength of hope, a man can learn to love God instead of misunderstanding Him, love others in spite of their sins instead of giving up on them, and love himself instead of resigning to believe that nothing can deter his ill fate.

Conclusively, the greatest of all these three attributes is love. With a motive of love, God created mankind to be in His image to resemble his loving characteristics. Since God is unchanging, His love also remains unchanged. The dream of a beautiful world God forged with love will definitely be fulfilled, according to this unchanging nature. The greatest gift God gave to man is love. What remains for mankind to return to God is that same priceless gift.