Obeying God: When We Say Yes

Jun 16, 2004 04:32 AM EDT

Luke 5:1-11

Teaching children to swim begins with a simple lesson—they must be taught to put their face in the water. That first step will unlock the door to learning how to swim. Unless the child masters that one small skill, swimming remains out of reach, and some future pleasure is sacrificed.

Obeying God always begins with a small step, one that may sometimes seem insignificant or unrelated to the task at hand. Yet it is where God wants us to begin. Jesus had been addressing the crowds when He asked to get into Peter's boat. This did not seem like a request that would open the door to ministry or even great blessing. But it was the place where Peter was to start. Our saying yes to God in the small things is an essential step to His greatest blessings. Other people will also derive benefit from our obedience. When Peter consented to Jesus' request, the result was two boatloads of fish, more than enough for all those with him.

Obedience to God may require us to do some things that appear unreasonable. A carpenter asked professional fishermen to stop fishing and take Him on board. Those with Peter may have asked why he suspended the work to accommodate Jesus. Others may also question us as to whether a matter is important or reasonable. And we ourselves may wonder!

Obedience in the smallest of matters can give access to divinely ordained opportunities and lead to blessings for us and others. How do you respond to God's requests? Does the word "yes" come quickly to your lips?

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