Christian Apparel Making More Appearances

( [email protected] ) Jul 27, 2004 08:59 PM EDT

More Christian youth are appearing at Christian music concerts sporting trendy Christian clothing, offering a blend of secular styles with a Christian message.

The growing popularity of trendy Christian apparel has also been noted in The New York Times, among other newspapers.

Classic trendy Christan T-shirts read "Jesus Freak," or "Tougher than Nails," while religious T-shirts entering the pop culture scene flash bold statments such "Jesus is my homeboy," created by Teenager Millionare or "I love Christian Boys."

"Religion in its own way has become a brand -- and right now it's hot," told Jane Buckingham, president of Youth Intelligence, a New York trend-forecasting company, to The Wall Street Journal.

According to Christian Booksellers Association, the Christian Apparel industry takes in $100 million in sales a year.