Immodesty: Matter of the Heart

( [email protected] ) Aug 05, 2004 09:48 PM EDT

Immodesty is becoming a big problem in the church, according to a Christian author. Many Christian leaders say attire reflects the heart in modeling the grace of the Holy Spirit and should not be influenced by culture.

Madeline Crabb, author of a training manual for churches titled "Dressing to Please God: Clothing the Mind, Body and Spirit," told Charisma Life Magazine, “God wants women to be without excuse, and He wants Christians to know what is expected of them.”

Crabb, a licensed minister holds onto her core message: Modesty is humility expressed in proper dress, and anything other than that is compromise, when teaching women how to dress and look more attractive by concealing their flaws. The 54-year-old has taught at least 200 women's shows and workshops.

Even though Christians contend that “the world doesn’t understand us,” Crabb believes the problems regarding immodesty come from the church’s lack of understanding “the parameters God has given.”

The dress code encouraged by churches in the U.S. varies according to leadership and denomination. Some prohibit women to wear pants and list how long an appropriate skirt should be while others do not enforce any code, saying it’s a matter between the person and God.

"This issue is a matter of the heart, not legalism," said Bob Lepine, co-host of the popular daily radio program "FamilyLife Today" with Dennis Rainey, reported Charisma Life.