Live Each Day Like the First Day of School

After spending three dragging months at home, the new school year is offering students a time for renewal.
( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2004 09:22 PM EDT

Students beginning a new term at school this month usually bring back with them more than new school clothes and school gear. On the faces of most students are smiles. Some are happy to be reunited with friends while others are enjoying the feeling of being in a higher grade. Regardless of whether or not they have new clothes, the general atmosphere among students is a sense of newness.

With a sense of renewal also comes an attitude of hope for many. Some are more determined to do better in classes and look forward to learning from past mistakes in the process of creating a better future.

The life of faith can be as exciting as the first day of school if only we live everyday looking forward to the future with hope.

There are times in our lives when we become stuck in a rut or slump. The days go by slowly and we struggle to make it through the boredom that ensues our routines. Nothing seems to be going our way and the day we can experience the activity we once knew feels as far as the next Christmas at the beginning of the year.

Students starting school express some level of optimism for their year ahead. They know anything they were unable to do right could be compensated improved performance this year.

If we wake up each day with a similar optimism that God can help us right our wrongs even in one day, we can experience a sense of new everyday of our lives.

We should seize the first day of this month and after dedicating it to God, entrust that His Holy Spirit will always guide us to a better path.