Evangelize with L.O.V.E.

( [email protected] ) Sep 08, 2004 08:53 PM EDT

Evangelizing or witnessing our faith can be a daunting experience especially if we have lived sheltered most of our lives in our own personal faith.

The Word of God was never meant to be confined within our thoughts as a theoretical concept but was intended to be fulfilled through our actions.

Jesus preached about the Will of God, the dream of God to establish a world of love on earth and in heaven.

Therefore, in finding back the world of love, we must also keep a motive of love within our hearts. With love as the center, everything is possible.

Loosen the tongue

The work of the Holy Spirit begins with the loosening of the tongue, as recorded in Acts. When we open our mouths, the Holy Spirit will work through us to bring the words of salvation to thirsty souls. We only need to preach to them in order for them to hear and for them to begin a life of faith.

Open up -

When evangelizing, a downer is being pessimistic. The victory of the battle is determined before it even begins based on the attitude of faith of the person. Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities in God. When we look up, the skies are the limit and God’s power is unabounding. Place trust in the Lord through faith and prayer and be prepared to be amazed.

Victory in Faith –

Not everyone will say “yes” to an invitation to come to church or jump for joy when we present the Bible to them. In everyone’s hearts, there is the lurking presence of sin that keeps us feeling distant from God and ashamed so we don’t want to look at Him. However, faith is believing the victory belongs to the Lord. Even though persistence is necessary, we must also know that whether we are led to a person who is seeking or not is under God’s Providence.

Everyday -

Not just go out once but everyday. If we are unable to go out physically find people, our hearts should be with the people out there. Always meditating on the love Jesus has shown us, have a heart that cannot wait to share. Everyday, pray for the people you have met and those whom God will allow you to meet.

Soon enough, God will send down the rain of people to you. Prepare your house.