9/11 - Let not the sacrifices go in vain

( [email protected] ) Sep 11, 2004 05:22 PM EDT

Sept. 11 will be a day that will remain with us. It shows that in times of tragedy, love, compassion and understanding can bind the world as one.

If only the world knew the greater tragedy of a world without God. How so many people fall under the attack of Satan and in mere seconds, like the Twin Towers, collapse into despair and hopeless. There are so many people that although they are breathing, their lives are at Ground Zero.

At such a time when people resort to vicious acts for political ends and when life is nothing more than a race for pleasures, the People of God need to gather and pray. We need to pray not only for those whom we have lost during such tragedies as 9/11 but all those we will lose to a greater power of evil.

Only through prayer can the beautiful work of the Holy Spirit begin to renew this land and world so it may spring new life at the Ground Zero of many people’s lives. Then people will begin to see beyond the tragedy. In the midst of tragedy, there is always great opportunity. There is a potential of greater glory that can be revealed for God. Let’s remember God’s promise for a Kingdom that will erase away any past pains and regrets.

God has called Christians to be the changing force of this nation and the world. If a group of people can cause so much chaos through their evil intentions, imagine how much would Christians be able to do in this world with God in the center.

We remember those who lost their lives on 9/11 and also the many more who sacrificed for the development of God’s history.

Let not their sacrifices go in vain.