Halloween - Only day of the year that our lost neighbors come to our door

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2004 08:51 PM EDT

While many of America’s mainstream holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas – all can be easily traced back to Christian roots, Halloween is known to have pagan roots, which discourages many Christians to participate in the holiday.

But founder of a company which sells popular candy with Bible verses printed on the wrappers, says Halloween is a great opportunity to reach out to non-Christians.

“This is my firm belief. It’s the only day of the year that our lost neighbors come to our door, so that we could show them the true love of God, so that we can share our testimonies and put something in their hand that could make a difference in their life,” Brian Adkins, founder and CEO of Scripture Candy in Birmingham, AL., told The Christian Post.

“Yes, it has all those negative things associated with it,” Adkins said, “but you know, when Jesus came on the earth, he went to where all the sinners were.”

“The Christian public—we have to look and reach in to make difference.”

Adkins said he will be taking his kids to their church’s “Trunk ‘n Treat” event where cars line the church’s parking lot and distribute candy to kids out of their trunks.

“I’ll be passing out candy and tracts,” he said.

For Scripture Candy, Halloween is one of the company’s successful selling seasons.

“We almost sold our whole warehouse,” exclaimed Adkins. “We just finished restocking it.”

He said Scripture Candy’s tangy tarts or Smarties and Faith Pops are the most popular this year. He also notes that the use of the candy by individuals to spread the Word is “getting stronger and stronger.”

Halloween is a “way for lazy Christians” to reach out, commented Adkins.

“We don’t even have to cross the street to witness to our neighbors,” he continued. “I think we ought to leave our lights on.”

Christians can add a Biblical flavor to the holiday if they wish, according to Adkins.

“You can dress up as biblical characters. Open those doors. Give tracts, give something,” he said.

“The whole purpose that we’re here is to evangelize the world. We didn’t get saved just to go home to heaven.”