Making Him Known

Oct 29, 2004 11:58 AM EDT

Acts 17:16-33

There are three questions everyone needs to know how to answer correctly: Who is the one true God? What is He like? And is it possible to have a personal relationship with Him? Throughout the history of mankind, countless people from every nation have been haunted by these questions.

When the apostle Paul was in Athens, he provided answers for the people there by preaching about Jesus. Today, Christians continue to share about Jesus because it is God's will that every single person have the correct answer to those three questions. (1 Timothy 2:3-4) There is great need. Think about how many people are involved in the myriad religions all over the world. Most live in fear, uncertainty, and darkness.

Imagine we are walking into church Sunday morning and sitting before a giant statue of bronze or gold. We might sing a few songs, then take up an offering and lay it on the foot of the statue. After singing several additional melodies, we return to our houses. What would we carry home with us? What assurance could we claim? There would be no joy, peace, or assurance in this life or the life to come because we bowed down to something that is lifeless and unable to hear us.

We believers know the true God. There is a world full of people who long to know Jesus, but they have never heard about Him. Do not be content just to live your Christian life. Find a way to share your peace and joy with someone else.

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