God's Fire

( [email protected] ) Jan 19, 2005 03:20 PM EST

God's Fire

by Judith Biese

My soul was once empty,

A dark and lonely place.

My life had no purpose

Till the day I bowed my face.

I saw not the beauty

That life had to give me,

Only pain and sorrow,

With eyes closed, I did not see.

I was shown no kindness,

The others passed me by.

And with each passing day,

My soul's flame began to die.

My heart had lost all hope

Of ever finding love.

As I took one last look,

I sent a small prayer above.

Somewhere up in Heaven,

You Lord, must have heard me.

Upon the final flicker,

My soul's flame was then set free.

You looked into my heart

And sent your words to me,

The words that held the match

To set the fire free.

The flame is now a blaze,

It burns stronger every day,

Because it now is fed

By the love you send its way.