My Regret

( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2005 08:46 PM EST

My Regret

by Jennifer Hepper

I am sorry for what I did

It was a terrible thing to do

My frustration got the best of me

and I guess the stress did too

I promise I won't ever do

What I did that depressing night

It's just that I was sad

because my family and I had a fight

That fight had pushed me over the limit

and I did not know what to do

If I had really been thinking hard enough

I would have turned to You

If I ever get off that track again

I'll pray that You will help

It gets hard sometimes in the world today

and I often just think of myself

I never thought that what I did

would make other feel that bad

and when I think of what I did now

it really makes me sad

Sad for all the pain I'd caused

and for all of those shed tears

but I will not ever do it again

because I have You to calm my fears

You will calm my fears and everything else

including any strife

I learned that many years ago

when I allowed You in my life