God Sent Me An Angel

( [email protected] ) Feb 26, 2005 05:54 PM EST

by Tommy Q

I was walking along a country road one calm and cloudy day

Feeling down about the problems that had seemed to come my way

My pain was very great and my tears I could not hide

And was calling God to help me as I was hurting deep inside

I then thought about what I've believed and how I've rarely called

For sometimes I have wondered if God were there at all

As I lifted up my head and looked down that road a spell

I spotted someone coming - from the distance hard to tell

As he got a little closer I could then see all the signs

Of someone who'd been down that road quite a number of times

His clothes were old and dusty and his shoes were pretty worn

But there seemed a glow about him - at least I could have sworn

His face appeared real friendly as he peered up in the sky

He said, the weather is pretty calm today, hope the rain will pass us by

He first talked about the weather, but there seemed to be much more

That we both had in common, except for what we wore

He started talking about his life and the places he had been

And he spoke as if he knew me, like we were next-of-kin

From the problems that he had, to the happy times he found

Our likeness was uncanny and was becoming more profound

We had so much in common - I couldn't believe how much alike,

That I decided to tag along, we continued on our hike

He said he's from all over and his name was just like mine,

And hoped one day that we would meet as he had a real short time

I was feeling sort of baffled, as we went on with our walk

But he had held my interest, so I listened as he talked

He said, I know you're hurting - as your life has been so hard

But it seems today that you found God, where once you'd disregard

From the point that I was calling and was asking for God's hand,

Is the point where he had first appeared, as this was in God¡¯s plan

He said to take more time for prayer - that I could bend God's ear

That He is always listening, and He is always near

God knows about my struggles but better times will be ahead,

As long as I keep believing and will no longer be mislead.

We then turned onto a sidewalk and now very close to home,

And it was then it struck me that I was suddenly now alone.

This stopped me in my tracks and I began to call his name

And it was then I understood, why to me that day he came.

I then realized God had heard me, as my Angel He then sent

To relieve me of my worries, and all my discontent.

Today I pray more often and feel blessed with my God's Love

As He was there and listening - and sent an Angel from above