David And Goliath

( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2005 06:42 PM EST

by John Ferris

The Philistine army faced the army of Saul,

The giant Goliath came out each day to call,

Send me a man that’ll represent you in battle,

I’ll tear him in half, then scatter you like cattle.

Goliath the giant measured six cubits and a span,

Which was well over twice the height of even a tall man,

He had six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand,

What this brute didn’t realize, was he was about to be canned.

The giant mouthed off for at least forty days,

The army of Saul did nothing but gaze,

They wandered about with their eyes all aglaze,

They’d lost all their hope, they were all in a daze.

But young David the shepherd had brought food for his brothers,

What sickened his heart was hearing men cry for their mothers,

What’s wrong with you guys, is there no bone in your back?

What you’re needing to do is to go on the attack.

Who’s this that challenges the army of God? ,

Give me five minutes, I’ll put him under the sod,

Allow me a chance at this vile Philistine,

This uncircumcised heathen has stepped over the line.

News of his words filtered back to King Saul,

Who was greatly impressed by his bravado and gall,

If his heart was in tune and he had heard God’s call,

Perhaps he was the one to make the giant to fall.

David was summoned to meet with the king,

Who offered to him if he would but bring,

The head of Goliath who he’d have to slaughter,

David’s reward, the king’s beautiful daughter.

Not only that, Saul promised to axe

Payment by David of the king’s tax,

As well as great riches beyond compare,

Ensuring a life without worry or care.

Saul said, I’ve no choice but to tell you the truth,

I’m just concerned by your small stature and youth,

Don’t be insulted, your zeal can’t be denied,

But David interrupted, and cautiously replied,

I tell you the truth, for lies I can’t bear,

In defense of my flock, I killed a bear,

Again, and I swear, be assured I’m not lyin’

On another occasion, I killed a lion.

So King Saul clothed David in his personal armor,

He replied in polite terms he was just a sheep farmer,

Who relied on his speed and his skill and his wits,

To go into battle weighed down, for him was the pits.

David went down to the brook, and picked out five stones,

Then called to Goliath and made himself known,

The giant couldn’t work out why from the whole mob,

They’d picked on a boy, to do a man’s job.

David replied, You come with a sword,

But I come to you, in the name of the Lord,

He gives this battle into our hands,

You’ll know all about it, when this shiny rock lands.

Goliath drew near to David, who ran towards him,

He let go his sling and made the giant’s lights dim,

The stone flew like a rocket and imbedded in his fore- head,

Before he crashed down, David knew he was for sure- dead.

David ran to the body and took up Goliath’s sword,

When he hacked off his head, the army of God roared,

When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead,

They turned on their heels, and like cowards they fled.

The army of Saul pursued them for days after days,

Then returned from their chasing to praise God and His ways,

By the use of the weak things to confuse the strong,

They learned that by His faith, they could never go wrong.