Could It Be?

( [email protected] ) Mar 21, 2005 03:52 PM EST

by BSC

Out in the yard gazing up at stars

As daylight turned to dusk,

Twilight descending silently,

In the air the sweet scent of musk.

Suddenly from out of the shadows,

A light of the palest pink,

Surrounding the dew kissed roses,

Perhaps an angel, I think.

With unbelieving eyes I stared,

This must one of those dreams,

Why would and angel come to me,

It just couldn't be what it seems.

As I arose to walk to the garden,

She slowly lowered her head,

A halo of gold beckoned me,

As her gossamer feathers were spread.

In an instant I was wholly embraced

By down of the purest white,

A whisper of gentle assurance,

Completely dislodged the fright.

She told me of God's love for me,

How He knew of the weakness I felt,

And with her delicate, soothing voice,

She prayed with me as I knelt.

When I raised my head to our Father,

To thank Him for sending her here,

Her feathery wing on my shoulder,

Removed the lingering fear.

As I looked again she was standing,

Radiant wings preparing to fly,

I knew my faith had been restored,

As she soared through the star filled sky.

My eyes quickly scanning the heavens,

As I watched this exquisite sight,

Our Lord had given me peace again,

Showing His delicate Angel in flight.