Acting Out Your Faith

Romans 12:9-21

If your work is motivated by love, performed in Jesus' name, and exalting to God, you will find yourself enthusiastic and energized by it. God sends opportunities every day to positively impact lives around you. How pleased He is to see your faith shine as you help people. Your "service" may simply be a pleasant smile, an encouraging word, or a listening ear. In different situations, God may ask you to sacrifice your time or give generously of your resources. The love God gives you for others will prompt you to make time for them and not count the cost. As you pour yourself into loving them, you'll discover a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Your service should always to be done "in Jesus' name." This means whatever you do should be in harmony with God's revealed will and does not contradict Scripture. Serving in Jesus' name also means that you are acting in submission to His authority¡Xthat is, doing things in His way and time. To live out your faith is to depend upon the Holy Spirit's power. Only by yielding to His control can your work yield real spiritual fruit.

People will know your faith is real when your actions exalt God and not yourself. As ambassadors of Christ, we must serve with excellence so that God receives the glory He deserves. Whatever success you experience belongs to God, whose Spirit is working through you¡Xyou have no reason to boast.

Watch for God's signals and be ready to act with an eagerness to live out your faith. The world is watching!

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