Staring Into the Face of Youth

( [email protected] ) Apr 02, 2005 02:50 PM EST

by Luella Sebo

Sweet face of youth I envy thee

Child who sits upon my knee

Untouched By pride or arrogance

No evils now can thee entrance.

Innocence of a child so fair

With radiant face and curly hair

That halos cheeks of rosy pink

Makes a sinner stop and think.

A child who once was pure and shy

And honest, such a child was I

Too rapidly sweet youth has fled

And brought about a change instead.

And when I gaze into clear eyes

Of youth as it should be

With sad regret I realize

That dear child once was me.

But youth I never can relive

What else can I do then

But pray to God He may forgive

And make me as a child again.