The Battle

( [email protected] ) Apr 05, 2005 04:19 PM EDT

by Megan Rene

Fights and battles, battles and fights,

Absolute terror throughout the night.

Watching my life, wither away,

Breaking, piece by piece, day by day.

From the darkness the demons come,

Not all at once, but one by one.

Lacking the wisdom that God supplies,

They lure me in with all their lies.

Just like a boxing match I fight each round,

As the bell dings with its echoing sound.

First comes temptation, it¡¦s coming to deceive,

He disguises himself, so I fail to see.

He brings me in, with all his lies and his traps,

And almost defeats me when something just snaps.

The demon gets terrified as he looks up,

And sees Jesus standing there, filling my cup.

Temptation is defeated, and I¡¦m free at last,

All of a sudden, another demon is cast!

Here comes pain, with heartaches and sorrows,

Making me feel, there¡¦s no tomorrow.

My friends all leave me and say they don¡¦t care,

They spread rumors and pretend I¡¦m not there.

In my times of loneliness, God was all I had,

So I reached out to Him, when everything was bad.

The demon realized he'd failed once again,

For I turned to Jesus, and not to him.

The battle¡¦s not over, they have one more shot,

As one more demon comes forth with a new plot.

One of my friends say they tried taking their life,

Taking my happiness and giving me strife.

Family members then pass away,

Leaving me clueless on what to say.

But there¡¦s one thing I learned through all these rounds,

That¡¦s to turn to the One who wears the crown.

I turn to God and I don¡¦t sit and pout,

And everything seems to work itself out.

The demons are amazed at how much I¡¦ve grown,

And leave me alone, for as far as I know.

I turn around and I look at the field,

Holding nothing but my sword and shield.

The battle was brutal, with things everywhere,

Yet I made it through, though it was hard to bear.

I turn to the Father in the heavens above,

As he looks down on me with eyes full of sweet love.

It may have been brutal, and hard to the end,

But thanks to the battle, I found a best friend.