( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2005 04:16 PM EDT

by Joan Katelyn Kassel

"Forgiveness"-is a word that Jesus made-when he

walked that lonely road to Calvary-he looked

ahead-he saw my sin-and with his "blood" he paid-I

know "forgiveness" is a word-my Jesus made!------

teach me lord to think of you-as everyday I

live-take my stubborn pride away-lord-teach me to

forgive-and when I hurt inside and feel I can

forgive-no more--show me the "crown of

thorns--sweet Jesus-that you wore!

I was unworthy-when you walked that road to

Calvary-you never questioned-lord you let them

nail you to that tree-so when I'm unforgiving of

things - that I don't understand-remind me

Jesus-of the "nail prints in your hand"!