Our Greed

Sep 15, 2005 04:12 PM EDT

How to Catch Monkeys 1. You first put bananas in a pouch with a small opening. 2. You tie the pouch and wait for the monkey to come. 3. When the money puts his hand on the pouch and try to take out the food, go and catch them. He can run away if he leaves behind the banana, but the monkey doesn't do it. It is because of his greed of food that is inside the pouch. He decides not to let go of the banana, and so, is caught by men. It would have been good if people were wiser, but people aren't all that different. We know that we cannot serve both God and money. At first, our goal was the Lord and the materials were the means to get to the Lord. There are countless times when we set our goals on materials and make the Lord only the means for material success. The greed for myself makes this happen.