Saying Yes to God

( [email protected] ) Oct 17, 2005 03:19 PM EDT

By Charles Stanley

Luke 5:1-11

God’s simple requests are often steppingstones to life’s greatest blessings. Simon Peter said yes to Jesus Christ’s two small requests, and his whole mission changed from fisherman to fisher of men. Although weary from a catchless night, Peter willingly brought Jesus on board and pushed his boat into the water so that the Teacher’s words would carry to the crowd. When the Lord finished speaking, he told the experienced fisherman to head out to deeper water. Peter knew that the timing for a good catch was wrong, but he obeyed and was blessed with not one, but two boatloads of fish. Often God’s blessings result from our compliance with seemingly insignificant requests. Though we prefer that He ask us to perform great tasks which will impact large crowds, obedience in small matters is our proving ground. If we refuse His prompting to perform some minor action, what reason have we given Him to trust us with a more important responsibility? Had Peter refused to ferry Jesus on his boat or to risk a midday fishing expedition, he’d have missed the immediate blessing of a big catch and perhaps also the even greater opportunity to be Jesus’ disciple. Walking with the Lord every day for three years, Peter witnessed miracles more spectacular than anything he saw that first day: a blind man received sight, Lazarus was restored to life, and at Jesus’ urging, Peter himself walked on water. The disciple’s courageous step off the boat and onto a raging, stormy sea was the result of saying yes every time God made a small request.

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