Choosing Truth

By Charles Stanley
( [email protected] ) Mar 06, 2006 07:52 PM EST

John 8:30-32

Society is full of vain philosophies that promise much but offer nothing. Capturing truth in a deceptive world run by Satan, the father of lies, is as unlikely as catching wind in a paper sack. The only place truth exists is in God and His inspired Word. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me," Jesus says in John 14:6. When we become Christ's disciples, Satan's deceptive power is broken. Believers can be free from wrong thinking and evil lies.

Unfortunately, some people will never apply biblical truth to their lives. By choice, they will remain captive to the world's lies. Many believers fear changing their ways to follow God, while others refuse to seek and serve Him because living a true Christian life seems too difficult. Or, rather than allowing fear and laziness to defeat them, plenty of people arrogantly prefer relying on their own abilities.We might see small successes while living as we see fit, but satisfaction and joy will remain elusive. Conversely, recognizing God's truth about life situations- finances, relationships, rejection, or loss- guides us to make wise decisions that can be carried out with strength, courage, and the comfortable knowledge that the Lord is at work.

We cannot begin to build a truth-based life until we accept God's way as the only way. He honors our desire to make wise and biblically sound decisions. When we commit to applying truth, God accepts responsibility for revealing His principles through Scripture so that we can live righteously and triumphantly.

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