Online Church Directory Created to Pair 'Right People' to 'Right Church'

( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2006 02:54 AM EST

With the Internet becoming the standard for gaining information, one Christian web site is helping American families find the most compatible home church based on important areas of preference, including, denomination, location, preaching and music style, ministries offered and more.

Using "sophisticated" search engines, allows searchers to enter criterion based on a variety of preferences. Search results are provided from a base of over 100,000 churches and ministries of all denominations. Their results provide complete profiles of the churches, including web addresses, photo images and even a video welcome message from the pastor.

"Our mission is to match individuals and families to the church that best fits their personal preferences and spiritual compatibilities and in turn see Bible-believing churches grow and flourish," say Churchshoppers owners Chad and Stephani Olson.

"We are not the typical Church Directory, but more like a match making site, pairing the right people to the right church," they add.

According to the church network, visitors to will find the site easily because of its high visibility through national and local search engine phrase/optimization, along with a host of community link sources which provide visitors to the site with a user-friendly means of searching for a church.

"We are the premier on-line network of Christian Churches in America," the Olsons say.

In addition to the services that the site provides for searchers, services to churches include a detailed church profile with audio and visual capabilities, quarterly traffic inquiry report upon request, monthly E-zines on church marketing and growth, Google mapping features, as well as special online forums on church marketing.

However,’s focus is to help those people who are away from home, re-locating to a new area, or simply need a fresh start, narrow down the field from hundreds of churches to a select group of churches with whom they share deep levels of compatibility.

According to Churchshoppers, one-third of all worshippers in America change churches in five years or less and twenty percent are looking for a church right now.