Is Water Safe to Drink?

( [email protected] ) May 20, 2006 05:03 PM EDT

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Q: I have been drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water for years. I heard recently that these types of water are highly acidic and dangerous for health. Is this true?

A: The water industry is a multi-million dollar industry with bottled water becoming a popular purchase item in nearly every convenience and grocery store. Most people who drink bottled water think they are doing a good thing for their body, but are they?

The body is comprised of 60% water and depends on this precious liquid for proper electrolyte balance, elimination, hydration, etc. The body can survive seven days without food, but only three days without water.

In terms of water quality, I do not recommend drinking tap water due to the presence of numerous impurities such as parasites, chlorine, lead or fluoride. In order to determine the state of your tap water, contact your local health official to have your water tested or bring it into an independent laboratory for testing. Although the latter will cost you approximately $100, it is well worth the investment.

When picking a water source, I believe any water purifying system is better than no system at all. Two types of water purifying systems that are popular at the moment include:

Reverse osmosis water ¡V this involves the passage of water through a semi-permeable membrane and occurs due to the difference in osmotic pressure created by differing solid contents of the liquid.

Distilled water ¡V is water that has been treated by boiling and condensation to remove solids, inorganics and some organic chemicals.

Although reverse osmosis and distilled water are ¡§pure¡¨, the problem lies in that fact that they are also quite acidic. The body does not thrive in a state of acidity and allows bacteria, fungi and viruses to proliferate in an acidic environment. In fact, the pH (potential of hydrogen ¡V measurement of alkaline and acid states) of the bloodstream is fine tuned with a normal pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. The more acidic the environment is, the lower the pH number and the more alkaline in the body, the higher the pH number becomes. Acidic foods sources include red meat, alcohol, dairy products, refined flours and sugars.

Water Ionized Water ¡V The Healthiest Option

The healthiest type of water to consume is ionized water. Water ionizers can be purchased and connected directly to a faucet at your sink. Water first passes through a multi-stage, granular, activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, metals, sediments and various volatile compounds. The filter contains silver to prevent bacterial growth. Ionized water is also alkaline.

For more information or to purchase an ionized water filter, visit your local health food store.

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