Brazilian Missionaries Receive Pastor Training

Mar 21, 2003 02:05 PM EST

OC International provides training for Brazilian missionaries. Richard Duncan with OCI says, "We also are very involved in training Brazilians who are missionaries who go out to other countries and to Indian tribes in Brazil, we write many articles that pastor's use in their sermons or just help them to pastor better. We are involved in much research that helps people to decide where to plant churches and what methodologies are different options for them as they develop their healthy churches." According to Duncan, OCI is facilitating training those with a want to share the good news. "We have 257 Indian tribes in Brazil, 103 of those have no evangelical presence at the moment. And foreigners are no longer allowed to go in and be a missionary to the Indian tribes in Brazil, so we really have to join hands with the Brazilians that are becoming missionaries and going to these tribes."

By Pauline J.