Renounced Lay Leader Receives American Baptist Award

Dec 16, 2002 01:35 PM EST

Dr. Loris B. Coletta, a psychotherapist and an American Baptist lay leader active in areas of religious and community services, was awarded the Cora and John Sparrowk President’s Award, which honors American Baptists who "has over a period of years made an exceptional and outstanding contribution to the life of Christ's church; and in life and service manifests richly the fruits and gifts of the Spirit."

Throughout her career and ministry which spanned for 60 years, Coletta has been awarded and honored numerously. She and her husband Rev, Dr. Vincent H. Coletta focused their ministry on youth, peace, reconciliation, healing and interfaith dialog. Also Coletta has been a member of the American Baptist Churches USA General Board. Her involvements also extend to many denominational services such as the Statements of Concern Committee, The Commission on Denominational Inclusiveness and the Biennial Program Committee, and many more. In addition, Coletta has been the vice president of the Leadership for American Baptist Woman and president of Church Women United.

In her 25 years of ministry with her husband in Palos Verdes First Baptist Church, they founded the nation’s first drug hotline.

As a psychotherapist for more than 50 years, Coletta is an expert on cross-cultural counseling and she served as a dean of international students at Chapman College in Orange, California.

By Tony C.