Presbyterian News Update on Ministers and Figures

Jan 14, 2003 12:06 PM EST

The Rev. Paul H. Galbreath has begun work as associate for worship in the Theology and Worship Program Area of the Congregational Ministries Division.

He will serve as editor of two quarterly journals: Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching and the Arts, and the Register of the Company of Pastors. He will also coordinate the development of new publications in both worship and theology, and will join with other staff in the development of worship programs.

Galbreath was previously pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA. He also served pastorates in Oregon and Texas. Galbreath holds a Master's Degree from Southwestern and Austin Seminaries, and a Ph.D. in biblical studies from Baylor University and a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Evan Golder, who has edited United Church News of the United Church of Christ for more than 18 years, has announced his retirement, effective July 31.

Golder, a committed ecumenist, has been active in a number of ecumenical journalism organizations, including Interchurch Features - a group of denominational magazine editors - and the Associated Church Press. A gifted writer and photographer, Golder hopes to continue to ply his skills in retirement for the benefit of the wider religious community.

The Rev. George Hunsinger, professor of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, traveled to Washington, DC, last month to address a symposium sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace on "Would an invasion of Iraq be a 'just war'?"

He argued that the four principles of "just war" theory - last resort, sufficient cause, expectation of success and civilian casualties - would not be met in a pre-emptive strike on Iraq.

Several staff changes in the National Ministries Division in Louisville have been announced as a result of the incorporation of the National Volunteers Office (NVO) into Churchwide Personnnel Services.

Veteran NVO staffers Nancy Cavalcante and Andy Rector have been named associate for national volunteers and administrative assistant, respectively. Leslie Bethell is the 2002-2003 intern for national volunteers. Kerry Rice, who has led the NVO as coordinator since 1994 has bid adieu.

"The Young Adult Volunteer Program is a proven 'feeder system' to our seminaries, with a large number of volunteers becoming candidates for ministry after serving the church as volunteers," said the Rev. Marcia Myers, associate director for Churchwide Personnel Services. "The mission of CPS in partnership with middle governing bodies is the recruitment, credentialing, referral and support of individuals in serve to the Presbyterian Church (USA). The National Volunteer Program is a natural and welcome addition to our work."

By Jerry L. Van Marter