'Bread' Campaign Supports Millennium Challenge Account

Apr 09, 2003 03:17 PM EDT

Valley Forge, Pa. -- Bread for theWorld, the Christian antihunger organization supported by many AmericanBaptist individuals and churches, is in the midst of a campaign, "Rise tothe Challenge: End World Hunger," that encourages increased developmentassistance to poor countries through the newly-proposed Millennium ChallengeAccount (MCA).MCA, which is being considered now by Congress as part of budgetnegotiations, would nearly double current funding designated by the U.S. forglobal development assistance to countries meeting certain eligibilitycriteria. The Bread for the World campaign calls for Congress to make sureMCA is fully funded and focused on reducing poverty and hunger.

As final budget discussions are underway, immediate action is urged. Thecurrent focus, like all of Bread for the World's campaigns over the past 29years, asks individuals and their churches to participate in an "Offering ofLetters" in which correspondence advocating action is sent to congressionalrepresentatives.

MCA is the result of a Bush Administration initiative launched last year tooffer "a new compact for development" that would "link greater contributionsby developed nations to greater responsibility by developing nations,"according to Bread for the World. Under the Bush proposal the U.S. in 2003will contribute at least $1.3 billion to MCA and will incrementally increaseannual contributions to $5 billion by 2006. MCA-funded initiatives willhelp eligible developing countries improve their economies and standards ofliving.

"After years of declining foreign assistance budgets, President Bush'sproposal is a breath of fresh air," said Bread for the World President DavidBeckmann. He noted that the current campaign "provides people of faith atimely opportunity to use the gift of their citizenship to make a profounddifference in the lives of hungry and poor people around the world."

For resources or more information contact Bread for the World, 50 F St. NW,Suite 500, Washington, DC 20001; phone: (202)639-9400/(800)82-BREAD; fax:(202)639-9401; Web: www.bread.org.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]