Presidential Prayer Team Ready to Run with Its Own Staff

( [email protected] ) Nov 06, 2003 08:42 AM EST

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Presidential Prayer Team (PPT) which is a nonprofit organization founded two years ago, is growing rapidly expanding their mission.

Recently it has hired its own staff with the help of The Envoy Group. The Envoy Group is an organization that provides full service for the starting organizations to yield long-term constituents.

PPT started as an idea in the hope of bringing spiritual comfort and stability to the nation after the 9-11 terrorist attack. When it was first organized, nearly three dozen of staff members of the Envoy Group ran the team taking care of its funding, membership, Website, and its daily radio program, American Inspirations.

The Envoy Group developed and managed the national promotional campaign for PPT with the goal of enlisting 1 percent of Americans to pray for President Bush. Two months later, it surpassed its goal by having 2.8 million members. Now more than 20 million people check its weekly Presidential Prayer Update.

“With God’s perfect timing, The Envoy Group enlisted over 3 million people to pray for the president,” said Dr. Cornell Haan, co-founder of The Presidential Prayer Team. “They are an awesome team.”

David Bolthouse, president of The Envoy Group and its chief strategist, said they are pleased at the growth of the team.

“We get a kick out of using our knowledge of the Internet, marketing, fund-raising and publicity for developing grassroots movements for meaningful nonprofit clients, but serving President Bush in this important way was a distinct honor,” Bolthouse said. “Our team has put many days, nights and weekends in building PPT, but we’re now ready to move on to other projects and the baby we nurtured into a giant is now ready to be managed entirely by its own staff.”

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