New Jersey and Wisconsin in Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

( [email protected] ) Nov 07, 2003 08:42 AM EST

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Family Research Council is proud to present the news of victory on preserving the institution of marriage in America. Yesterday, the New Jersey Superior Court refused to grant same-sex marriage. Also Wisconsin State Legislature made that state the 38th to pass a Defense of Marriage Act.

"Preserving the sanctity of marriage in America is a day-by-day battle, and we are thrilled to have had two victories yesterday," said FRC President, Tony Perkins. "While we are mindful that the fight will continue in both New Jersey and Wisconsin, we are glad to see judicial restraint and democracy in action emanating from those states. We will continue to work with the network of state Family Policy Councils across the country, like the New Jersey FPC, to educate and mobilize the pro-family grassroots.

"There is no greater long-term threat to this nation than the destruction of marriage and family. We simply cannot afford to devalue marriage by making it mean whatever we want it to mean, and yesterday's victories are stepping stones toward a day where both the word 'marriage' and institution it represents are protected.

"As we wait for another court decision in Massachusetts, it is clear that we must act now to pass a federal marriage amendment so that we are not at the mercy of a court system that sometimes gets it right and far too often gets it wrong. We cannot expect every court in America to exhibit the judicial restraint we saw in New Jersey yesterday."

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