11-Year-Old Reveals God's Glory through Her Music Ministry

( [email protected] ) Nov 18, 2003 09:35 AM EST

God’s glory is being revealed by an 11-year-old Florida girl through her musical gifts. Lindsey Herring who lives in Lakeland, Florida is traveling with her family around the U.S. singing for the Lord and also encouraging other young people to use their own gifts and talents for God's glory. She has been singing ever since she was four.

The first time she was asked to sing for Christ in public was at a Christmas pageant in Fort Lauderdale. "I sang 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' when I was four," she says, "and from there on people have been asking me to sing from place to place. So that's how I got started, and God has really opened doors and blessed me."

The young singer feels she has been given her many awesome opportunities for music ministry -- something she enjoys doing with all her heart. "I love singing for the Lord, and doing what He wants me to do," Herring says. She feels that praising the Lord and encouraging others through music is what she has been called by God to do, and she says singing is "a ministry of mine for Him."

Recently she sang the theme song "Reclaiming America for Christ" at the eponymous conference for Christian activists at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale.

When she is not singing and touring, Herring attends a Christian school in the Tampa area. She encourages other children to use their talents to take part in expanding Christian culture. Such opportunity will help them to take a stand for Christian values in their homes, schools, and communities. More children will partake in bringing Kingdom of God through Lindsey Herring.