65,000 Bibles Distributed in Cambodia

( [email protected] ) Nov 22, 2003 09:52 AM EST

The Bibles are freely given to people in Cambodia where the Bibles are extremely expensive (one Bible costs more than week’s wages of an average worker) with the help of The Bible League. Through the network of believers, the ministry has been distributing over 65,000 Bibles and other resources to new Christians that established 364 churches in 2003.

Cambodia is a country that has been suffering because economic depravation and wars since the end of 50 years of turmoil and genocide. However interestingly, Cambodia doesn’t restrict on religious practices, which resulted in rate of twenty five percent in annual church growth although Christians only make up two percent of its twelve million people.

Most of these new Christians have learned about the Word of God through the Bible League’s small group studies - "Project Philip." The Bible League is in the process of maximizing its thrust by continuing church-building and transforming people’s lives.

The Bile League shares a story of one of the converters whose life has been transformed after receiving Christ:

Supheap was a young girl who initially cursed the Christians when they spoke of Jesus. She was introduced to the Gospel through her friend who invited her to study English for free. She heard the local pastor sharing the Gospel and she continued to listen to the Word. On the way home she was having a sever headache that she never experienced before. Everyone blamed it on the sermon but she didn’t. In a short period of time she grew in faith and began to believe. She even introduced her family to Jesus.

The Bible League will continue its good work as the distributor of the Holy Bible around the world.