Living Proof Ministries: Beth Moore

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2003 11:25 AM EST

Living Proof Ministries is dedicated to Biblical literacy which encourages people to know Christ through His word by offering tapes and books on Christianity.

About President Beth Moore:

God captured Beth Moore’s heart at a very young age. Her first love was a man with long dark hair, tan and weathered skin, and loving eyes. When she saw a picture of His face tacked onto the wall in Sunday school, she knew Jesus would be the love of her life. Like many children brought up in church, she learned about the Bible, His love letter to her, and sang the familiar children’s song, “The B-i-b-l-e, yes that’s the book for me! I stand upon the Word of God, the B-i-b-l-e.” Beth’s love for Jesus Christ grew over the years and at the age of 18 she committed her entire life to be about the things of God.

The Lord is now using Beth Moore to encourage women through her Bible studies and conferences to not only stand on the Word of God, but to know what it says. Beth began speaking at local women’s luncheons and retreats over twenty years ago. God was faithful to allow her ministry to grow up at the same pace as her family. By the time her two daughters were in middle school, Beth was writing full time and speaking all over the United States. In 1995 the Lord led her to establish Living Proof Ministries to guide women to love and live on God’s Word.

This wife, mother and Sunday school teacher has experienced the truth of Hebrews 4:12 in her own life and desires for other women to be changed and set free by the living and active Word of God. Beth considers her Bible study, Breaking Free: Making Freedom in Christ a Reality in Life, to be the plunder taken from a hard fought battle with her own strongholds of sin. To the glory of God, this life message of Christ bringing freedom to the captives has affected lives in ways she could never have conceived.

For this season the Lord has placed in Beth’s heart what she feels will become the second dimension of her life message - Believing God. This online Bible study is a call to a revival of faith in the Church. Beth feels God is summoning His people to believe Him more as He prepares them for the latter days. Beth affectionately calls the new study “Breaking Free, Part Two,” since the Lord gave her the original concepts while she was writing Breaking Free. In the fall of 2002, Beth taught Believing God to an Internet audience of approximately 27,000 people worldwide. This exciting time challenged Beth and her co-workers in Christ at Living Proof and LifeWay to believe God like never before.

Beth and her husband, Keith, will soon celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Last summer the couple traveled to Africa together to minister to missionaries and fulfill Keith’s lifelong dream of hunting on a safari. They have two daughters and a new son-in-law who are all involved in ministry. Amanda is currently working at Living Proof and Melissa is earning a Biblical studies degree at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.