Ministry of Well Building

A couple shares their stories of reaching out to the needy villages by providing wells.
( [email protected] ) Nov 29, 2003 11:42 AM EST

A couple from Christian Broadcasting Network – CBN ministry is reaching out to the needy villages where it is hard to get water by providing wells. The couple - Charles and Anita Stone have been interviewed by a CBN reporter and the interview reveals their passion to spread the good work for God which deeply touches many people’s hearts. They shared the blessings they received from God through the interview:

Charles and Anita are really into building wells calling them as their “babies”, they have already done three wells – they are on their way to build the fourth one.

"We feel led," said Charles. "You can get involved in a lot of projects but a well is like an eternal blessing."

Anita shared a story from her childhood. "I was born in Guyana," she said, "and I grew up in a small village for the first eight years of my life. I would come home from school and I would have to go and get water. Part of my chores was to get my bucket and to go to the well and get water for cooking, cleaning everything - all the household jobs. When this opportunity came up for the wells it just touched my heart so much.

"The first time I saw pictures form the first well that we had done," Anita said, "I was just so choked up about it that there were children actually going to the well, drinking water. That they were able to get this water because of the work that CBN is doing and I was part of that.

"When you see a little child drinking fresh water that they are not used to getting -- clean fresh water, and it's gushing out of those wells, it's an amazing feeling!"

"You can't even contain it!" said Charles.

"I could talk everyone into a well," he added.

"You and me both Charles," said Lisa. "I LOVE the wells! I love the wells!"

"I have seen that on your face on TV when you were at the wells," said Charles.

"We already know that the more we give the greater the blessing that the Lord will give to us," he continued. "How do we go about out-giving God? There's just no way! We know that the more that is going in, we already know that that we are just going to be blessed that much more. And that is going to allow us to be an additional blessing to other people. And in return the Lord will continue to bless us and shell out abundant blessings continuously. We know that already - that's why we don't care. The more we give the happier we are."

The Stones will continue on their journey of faith to reveal God’s glory and deliver His blessings to many people.