World Help Reaches Out to Northern India

( [email protected] ) Dec 24, 2003 10:47 AM EST

God is moving powerfully in India. According Agape Press, the gospel is being preached through out India with the help of a ministry known as World Help. World Help is a ministry that works to plant churches and spread the gospel to the nations where the gospel has not reached yet.

The president of World Help visited the city of Allahabad located in northern India where 60 million Hindu pilgrims gathered at the Ganges to purify themselves two years ago in the sacred river during the massive Hindu festival – “Grand Pitcher Festival.”

World Help president Vernon Brewer witnessed more than 40 thousand former Hindus giving a sincere worship through praising and praying in response to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brewer describes the growth of Christianity in the region as "just an unbelievable move of God," and says even though the ministry is helping with resources, prayer, and funding, the visitors from World Help largely just sat on the sidelines and watched the spirit-filled Indian Christians worshiping, praying, sharing the word of God and reaching out to others with the good news.

"It was led entirely by nationals," Brewer says. "People come for miles and miles, they spend an hour in prayer, an hour in praise and worship, an hour in the preaching of the word -- forty thousand people -- it was like a Billy Graham crusade right out on the River Ganges."

The mission has gained much victory by establishing over 5,000 new house churches already. Brewer says he and others in the ministry but the ministry president points out that there is much work to be done in terms of evangelizing in this region.

"This is the least reached part of the world," he says. "You have the Muslim block, the Hindu block, and the Buddhist block all right there in Northern India. Maybe as few as one in ten thousand are Christians."

"We're seeing church planting movements begin: we saw a thousand church planters receiving training," he says, "and they're going two by two into the unreached villages."

In great hope he has set the strategic goal to reach 175 million lost people with the gospel and to establish one million house churches throughout northern India. Brew says he and other members in the ministry are praying that God will allow World Help to continue assisting the partners to fulfill their “God-sized” vision.