Christian Arts Ministry Launched

( [email protected] ) Jan 19, 2004 11:46 AM EST

Nassau -- A new arts ministry called Creative Christian Arts Ministries International (CCAMI) was launched yesterday, Jan. 18, Sunday, in the Bahama Suites at the Nssau Beach Hotel at 10:00 a.m., the Nassau Guardian reported.

The ministry was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Higgins with the guidance of Bishop Neil C. Ellis, senior pastor of Mt. Tabor Full Gospel Ministry. The Higgins believe the ministry will be served as the way to serve God through fine arts.

According to Mr. Higgins, CCAMI will "create an avenue where our people who have a heart to worship can do so unhindered; create clean wholesome activities for young people; create avenues where people who are gifted can use their gifts to glorify God; promote entrepreneurship among our Bahamian artisans and create an avenue where christians can participate in junkanoo without any reservations.”

It has make application to government for two acres of crown land to build a state-of-the-art center for the performing arts and other activities.

The center will be established on the two acres of land, not only for the performing arts but for other sports activities as well.

The center will have a performing arts theater complete with dressing rooms, lighting and sound, and with seating for 5,000. Administration offices, a conference room, kitchen and bathrooms will also be incorporated. There will be sports facilities, including basketball, volleyball, soccer and a softball field, a marching drill square, ping-pong tables and a tennis court.

The future of the ministry is bright, said Mr. Higgins, recalling what they performed in the Bahamas. The ministry will not be confined to the four walls of the church, he said, but "taken out into the streets where there is a greater need of deliverance," he said. "You may find that one day we may be on Joe Billy Park, or on Fowler street doing a drama production, or you may find us in Montell Hights doing a dance production."

The ministry has already done various performances in the Bahamas – the dance ministry called The National Liturgical Dance Company, has performed in gospel productions and special events in Nassau and the Family Islands.

Mr.Higgins said, the ministry's greatest goal is to establish an evangelism program to change the mindset of the people. "In addition, This year we plan to start a junkanoo group for the saints that will go to Bay Street, not so much to win in parade, but to give God the Glory and the praise," he said.