God's Love Spreads to Children

( [email protected] ) Jan 31, 2004 11:43 AM EST

Sweetser, Indiana -- A young pastor is revealing special love towards children as he is devoting his life to children’s ministry.

When Ryan Frank was 12, he received a call from God at a Christian youth conference to devote his life to children.

"It was very clear, and ever since then, I've known that this is what I've wanted to do," said Frank, 28, who is the children's pastor at Liberty Baptist Church, Sweetser. "I plan on being a children's pastor until my gifts change or my calling changes, or I die. I plan on doing it for the long haul because I see the benefits of it."

With the help of Karl Bastian, the president of Kidology Inc., a consulting group for children, Frank was able to expand his passion for children and actually put into action.

Frank volunteered to join Kidology as the team director and to be responsible for the editorial content of the company’s website. He also manages to post a movie on the web each week that teaches children valuable lessons.

With Kidology as the publisher, Frank recently wrote a children's book entitled Adventure with Jesus, an activity book for kids that teaches them the basic doctrines of the Bible.

"I wanted to have something for the kids in my church, so I printed something for them. Other churches found out about it and one thing led to another," Frank said.

"The Lord's hands have been on him since he was a child. He was really kind of advanced for his age," said Terry Bishir, senior pastor at Liberty Baptist Church. .

Bishir said the church is blessed to have Frank in the ministry and through his presence the church has become more hopeful and attentive of youth.

"We have quite a few of our young folks who have grown in the church. You're only as strong as your next generation," he said.

A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, Frank also has a master's degree in Bible studies from Pensacola Christian College. He now ministers two local churches with almost 200 children.