Pastor Proposes Reinforcement of Ministry Functions

( [email protected] ) Feb 06, 2004 01:28 PM EST

TEXAS -- The Rev. John Wamsley returned to the church, Grace Presbyterian, where he first served as an associate pastor last month. He is planning to strengthen many ministry functions within the church, focusing on youth involvement, community service, and spiritual growth.

“There’s a strong membership of hard workers here,” Wamsley said. “I want to put them to good use to help redevelop the congregation and its dedication to community service.”

Wamsley used to serve at Grace Presbyterian when the service attendees reached 500, now weekly services averages about 140 members and he hopes to increase it through reinforcing community outreach, elderly outreach, home-based Bible study groups, and international mission. Wemsley emphasized the needs of the elderly who are home-bounded.

“Sometimes the church gets caught up in its various ministries and forgets the homebound members of our community. That’s a real sin,” he said. “I can’t do it alone. I’m here to love, empower and support our community, to reach out to those many churches have forgotten and offer them cutting-edge, biblically based ministry that stimulates spiritual growth.”

Wamsley, 47, ordained shortly after earning a master of divinity degree from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1982, served his first appointment as pastor at First Presbyterian in nearby Abbeville. At the same time, he served as associate pastor of Grace Presbyterian.