Feeding Children with God's Love

( [email protected] ) Feb 13, 2004 12:42 PM EST

A couple has changed their focus of ministry from pastoring a church to outreach to starving children in Central America.

Don and Sandee Fields have built a house and shop near Brighton with a new name “Liberty Ministries,” which is a satellite packaging center for Feeding Children International – Kids Against Hunger in August 2000, hoping to carry on larger scale of mission work. The building was formerly known as Larry Anderson’s The Real Thing building.

After a year or two they heard about Richard Proudfit and his organization Feeding Children International (FCI) and Kids Against Hunger and decided to join him in outreach.

Before they started the new outreach ministry for children, both Don and Sandee had ministered in Cedar Rapids for 11 years, and in Marshalltown for 13 years. It was after their mission trip to Mexico and Honduras that they felt God was calling them to help the needy and starving people there.

"Our hearts were just like-we've got to help! We've got to do something," said S. Fields.

Upon their arrival in Cedar Rapids, the Fieldses rallied their congregation at Liberty Word Church to fill five semi-trailers with rice, corn, beans, clothing, computers and other school supplies for a Christian school in Honduras. D. Fields says the school's attendance rose from 51 to 500 after the school received their assistance. Ever since then, S. Fields said they have been “hooked” and have decided to remain as missionaries.

Currently Kids Against Hunger’s Packaging Satellites are located across the nation including Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington, and West Virginia.


About Kids Against Hunger and Packaging Satellites

Kids Against Hungersm is a volunteer-driven effort to package and distribute food in communities worldwide where hunger and starvation is rampant. We at Kids Against Hungersm believe that every person can make a difference in the fight against national and global hunger. Knowing that everyone can have an impact, the Kids Against Hungersm program has been created to give people an opportunity to have a hands-on part in feeding the world. To this end, Kids Against Hungersm harnesses volunteer groups - such as school, church, civic and scouting troops - to package our food and prepare it for distribution to areas of the world where people are starving.

Packaging Satellites are autonomous non-profit organizations that operate in conjunction with Kids Against Hungersm. Packaging Satellites are responsible for all aspects of their own fundraising, coordinating volunteers, food packaging, and delivery logistics. Currently, Kids Against Hungersm has eleven Packaging Satellites located throughout the United States. Our goal is to have a Packaging Satellite in every state.