Christian Radio Station Launched in Oregon

( [email protected] ) Feb 17, 2004 10:32 AM EST

According to The News Review, a non-profit Christian radio station has been established in Canyonville, Oregon last Thursday.

"We are absolutely ecstatic. It has been one miracle after another to get us to this point," said Collette Martin.

Martin and her husband, Al, who used to own a Christian bookstore, decided to challenge themselves with a different ministry for the Lord and for the community.

They started the project as they turned in the application to the Federal Communications Commission in summer 2001. The Martins received the permission in August 2002, as they were required have the station ready to hit the air within 18 months.

"We met our deadline" with little to spare, Collette Martin said.

KPOL-FM 106.9 will run by volunteers and the Martins’ nonprofit organization, Anchor Ministries International. KPOL-FM airs programming from Radio 74 International, a nonprofit organization, delivering Christian music and news to stations worldwide. Martin said KPOL will also address local issues ranging from health care to organic gardening to home schooling – everything focusing on healthful living.

The signal of KPOL, which stands for "praise our Lord," covers roughly a 20-mile radius, including Riddle, Myrtle Creek and Days Creek.

Although the Martins are left with the long-term obligations on the $160,000 loan for the station property and land they believe as long as they stay firm with their faith, they would be able to overcome any financial difficulties.

Also there are many supporters of the Martins’ ministry in the county.

Dr. H. Ray Nicholas, one of the station's early sponsors, enjoyed what he heard on KPOL Thursday.

"It's very nice to be able to turn on the channel to a local place and get something of worthwhile value instead of all the trash that comes over," he said. "... I think the community will be very supportive and back this up a lot."