God Answered Prayer for Homeless to see 'Passion'

Mar 10, 2004 08:40 AM EST

This Saturday, Jesus Said Ministries in Akron, Ohio, will be able to bus about 250 people, including the homeless and the needy, to see the new movie “The Passion of the Christ” after God answered the prayers of two organizers in the ministry.

Judi Haydu, an organizer of the ministry, and her husband Steve had been praying for a way to take the homeless people to go see the movie.

A man, from Medina County, Ohio, who only chose to release his first name, Randy, was God’s answer to Haydu’s prayer.

Randy usually only donates hard-boiled eggs to the ministry but God was telling him to give more. He decided to give $1,000 to Judi and told her to “use it for whatever.”

He, who only wanted to obey the will of God, said he felt he had to give the money to the mission. “Anything that God puts on people's hearts is what they should do,'' he said.

With the contribution he made, Jesus Said Ministries, originated from Cornerstone Free Methodist Church in Coventry Township, will now be able to for one day expand their services to the homeless and needy. A break in routine from handing out free clothes and food to the needy on Saturday, the ministry will go watch the Gospel at The Lake Theater in Barberton.

“I think a lot of lives will be changed this day,'' said Judi Haydu, of Green. “I know that the Lord has already prepared the way for these people.”

The 50-year old donor believes it is important for people who do not know the Gospel story to see Mel Gibson's film about the last 12 hours of Jesus' life. He hasn’t send the movie yet but even though he is unable to make it with the group viewing on Saturday, he said, “I know the story.''

For more information, email Judi Haydu at banner1660@sbcglobal.net.