Resources of A/G WIM Conference Available Soon

( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2004 03:51 PM EST

The Women in Ministry (WIM) of Assemblies of God completed the second-ever WIM Conference last week, March 10-12, which was attended by over 1,500 women from all over the country. It was held at Central Assembly of God, Springfield, Missouri.

The conference, themed “Called, Connected, Contemporary”, helped women to connect Biblical scriptures about women ministering to today’s era.

Dr. Beth Grant, chairperson of the Task Force for Women in Ministry of A/G, comments on the theme, saying, “The underlying Biblical reference for that was Esther. The call of God is classic but it has to be worked out in a contemporary context. We live in significant days we need to be strategic in what we do and how we do it.”

Last year, the first-ever Women in Ministry Conference was held March 12-14. It began a refreshing opportunity for women to see themselves doing ministry not only to women but also to others.

"It is not just for women with credentials, or for those who are involved in Women's Ministries. This conference deals with ministries by women, not just ministries to women,” said Dr. Grant.

Those who would like information on the Women in Ministry can go to the Website. Although the site is yet to be updated with materials from the 2004 conference, a abundance of resources are already available on the site, including statistics of women and their roles in A/G ministries, articles relating to women in ministry, interviews with key Women in Ministry leaders, video clips of speakers lecturing at the conference and link to additional resources regarding women’s ministry such as books and magazines.

The site is expected to be updated soon. Dr. Grant says during a video on the site that it was made for those who have “a passion in ministry.”

To view the available resources for Women in Ministry, go to the “Resources” section of the Women in Ministry’s Home page: