YWAM’s GENESIS Video Conferencing Removes International Worship Boundaries

( [email protected] ) Mar 17, 2004 06:55 PM EST

KONA, HAWAII--Even though missionaries and members from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) were thousands of miles apart, they were still with each other in spirit and in person—on video that is. By using GENESIS, a mechanism that allows for video conferencing, YWAMers from 10 nations around the globe were able to join one another on March 6 in “One Voice”, as the title of the event says.

YWAM’s University of Kona, Hawaii, also took part in the global worship event with over 100 people attending. The video conferencing system was set up in nine other countries, kicking off with former Kona student Luzanne Laubsher of South Africa who broadcasted from Lausanne, Switzerland. Other nations participating in the second “One Voice” event included: Townsville, Australia; Amsterdam; Dalarna, Sweden; Harpenden, England; Barbados; Latvia; Fiji; and North Africa.

Last year, the first “One Voice” video conference, held on December 6, opened the eyes of YWAM members to see a world where mission can truly soar on an international level. Many even wept from witnessing the possibilities presented by technology. "Today we truly are international as a mission," declared Darlene Cunningham at that event.

The event began with YWAMers giving shouts of greetings to fellow Christians around the globe. Parents of YWAM missionaries and othermembers waved arms and signs as they spotted their children or familiar faces.

Each nation had a chance to lead the participants in worship.

Doreen Chinen of Kona danced a worship hula while staff members in Barbados presented "One Voice", a song that was composed especially for the event. First-time comer Fiji was welcomed warmly by the other nations.

"Get your hearts ready for what God is about to do," declared Judy Orred from Kona. The GENESIS technology is now being implemented for other areas of YWAM missions such as educations and meetings in 30 YWAM locations on six continents.

Lee Goehner, Jeff Waddell and Mark Spence coordinated the Kona event. "We consider it a huge success," said Goehner.

At the beginning of the event, GENESIS pioneer Marcus Steffans prayed, "Lord, through our unity may people everywhere see Jesus."

The wonders of God was seen as the event showed the His love to transcend all boundaries and languages. ; North Africans prayed a blessing in Arabic; Fijians led all the nations in The Lord's Prayer.

During the event on March 6, GENESIS would communicate on computers to coordinate speakers, adjust volume and ask questions. The next “One Voice” event will be during August will use technology to the fullest advantage.

Peter Jordan of YWAM Associates said he hopes that the August event can be transmitted over the internet so YWAMers from all over the world can join.