FamilyLife Sponsors 'World's Largest Easter Egg Hunt'

( [email protected] ) Apr 05, 2004 09:31 AM EDT

FamilyLife, the interdenominational family ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, is sponsoring the “World’s Largest Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt” on April 10 to teach kids the true meaning of Easter through “Resurrection Eggs”, a product of 12 symbolic eggs that walk kids through the resurrection story of Jesus Christ. The ministry, which has already educated over 850,000 children about the resurrection story in family backyards and on mission fields, is hoping to reach at least 1 million children.

“In backyards all across the United States children will come to know that Easter is more than chocolate and bunnies. It’s the day that Christ carried forth His plan for their salvation,” said Margie Clark, marketing director for FamilyLife Publishing.

The activity is usually hosted in the backyard, living room or nearby park. An accompanying booklet will guide the adults in explaining the main events leading up to the resurrection such as the death and the burial. Each of the dozen “Resurrection Eggs” contains a representative object children can touch such as the cup of the Last Supper or of the linen in which Christ’s body was wrapped. However, the last egg in the series doesn’t contain anything inside to convey the message that Christ has performed the miracle of the empty tomb and rose from the dead. The short presentation of the eggs teach children the core message in the Gospel—death (i.e. the cross) and resurrection. Children can know early on that Christ is victorious over death and has come to give them eternal life.

“The integration of celebration and the sacred is a great way to reach neighborhood children and their parents,” Clark said. “FamilyLife wants to provide their constituents with a fun and simple way to explain the significance of Easter.”

Following the learning experience using the eggs, the booklet suggests holding an egg hunt. All resources for the egg hunt are available through FamilyLife’s main website ( where they can download free how-to guides, invitations and coloring sheets for the party. Families are also encouraged to register their event through the site. The “Resurrection Eggs” can be ordered by calling 1-800-FL-TODAY (358-6329) or purchased at local Christian retail stores and Wal-Mart.