Ministry Believes Prayer for U.S. Leaders Will Redeem America

Apr 08, 2004 08:39 AM EDT

Despite all the debacles that have been occurring on Capitol Hill, reflective of the spiritual state of America, one man still clings onto hope that God will use the remnant to save this country and is encouraging everyone to pray for leaders who serve in the U.S. government.

"Throughout scripture you'll see the principle: God will use the remnant even when the masses aren't paying attention," said Mark Williamson, president of Federal Intercessors, an outreach of Foundation Restoration Ministries based near Houston, Texas.

He believes the power of prayer will overturn any shortcomings America has and allow God to work through this land.

"With all of our faults and all of the things in our history that we've not done well, we still see the hand of God on America," he says.

Willamson, who keeps in contact with believers in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, is calling on Christians to engage in improving America’s spiritual welfare by praying for their fellow American leaders.

The president of Federal Intercessors also believes that uniting through prayer, the Church in America can be united by looking toward one common goal as much as realizing there is “a common enemy called the devil.”

Regardless of what people may say about the situation of America, Williamson holds on firmly to his faith in God’s love for this country.

"I believe it is already settled: God is going to redeem America. We just have to line up with what He's doing, and do what we're supposed to do, and the outcome is assured," he said.