Coral Ridge Survey Reveals Convictions of Pro-family Evangelicals

( [email protected] ) Apr 08, 2004 04:17 PM EDT

Dr. James D. Kennedy, founder of Coral Ridge Ministries, is calling on all Christians to speak out regarding their views on moral issues by taking part in the 2004 Annual Spiritual State of the Nation Survey conducted by the ministry. The survey aims to educate and inform the influential forces of America about the deeply held convictions of pro-family evangelical Christians, according to John Aman, spokesman of Coral Ridge Ministries.

“It’s an attempt to bridge a culture divide that exists between the secular media and the government and pro-family evangelicals,” said Aman.

“Often times, people who serve in the media tend not to be aware of the views held by pro-family Americans. Survey has shown that members of the media do not regularly attend church. Their awareness and understanding of evangelical Christians is fairly low.”

The results of the survey, which has been conducted annually for 15 years, will be tabulated and sent to the elite, media and government, including The White House and the Supreme Court.

In a letter accompanying the online survey, Kennedy listed major happenings in America not in accordance to Christian beliefs.

He wrote in the letter:

“There is no doubt ... our nation needs God as seen in the recent events:

• The tragic appointment of an openly homosexual bishop by a major U.S. denomination.

• Justice Roy Moore’s dismissal for supporting the Ten Commandments.

• An incredible, ongoing nationwide ACLU offensive against every public display of the Ten


• A Texas court ruling endorsing homosexual activity.

• Legalization of same-sex marriage by the highest court in Massachusetts and direction to the

state legislature to write supporting laws.

• Continuing advancement of the homosexual agenda in the public schools.

• Astonishing legal assault on the new federal partial-birth abortion ban.

• A tidal wave of online pornography ... rise in child abuse ... attacks on religious freedom ...

anti-Christian bias in the media ... and on and on.”

According to Aman, 116,000 people across the nation have made their voice heard on controversial issues facing Americans today. Last year’s survey had 30,000-40,000 participants.

Highlights from the survey results taken since the launch to the survey in late January to mid-March reveal that views held by evangelical Christians:

· 93% support a constitutional marriage amendment to protect marriage between one man and one woman

· 98% endorse efforts to persuade television media to clean airwaves, offering more family-friendly programming

· 88% support a ban on partial-birth abortion

· 98% would like abstinence to be taught in schools

Participants in the survey are also encouraged to send in donations where a gift greater than $25 would allow them to receive a free copy of GOD BLESS AMERICA: Prayers and Reflections for Our Country, New York Times bestseller, filled with reflections from 30 U.S. Presidents and well-known Christians.

Kennedy said the nation is dying due to a lack in biblical morality but hopes the survey will have an affect on the spiritual well-being of the country.

He said in the letter, “My prayer is that the combined force of these surveys will loudly proclaim the nation’s consciousness and that America’s course will be unmistakably altered, directing this land to turn back to a righteous God.”