Christian Schools Banned from Praying At NSAA-sponsored events

( [email protected] ) Apr 22, 2004 07:59 AM EDT

Christian schools, private or public, will not be allowed to give a pre-game prayer at any event sponsored by the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) or they could risk losing their host funds.

After NSAA Executive Director Jim Tenopir received complaints from school administrators regarding the public prayers announced before a football game, he sent a letter be sent to member schools along with the legal opinion about the organization's liability, according to The Associated Press.

For some Christian schools in Nebraska, the ban on pre-game prayer, something officials say is to ask the Lord to protect the players in the game, may not be kept. Lincoln Catholic School may reconsider its membership in NSAA if the ban is enforced.

"(Prayer) is vital to our existence because our middle name is Christian," said the school's Davee Pauli to The Omaha Channel. "If it came to them saying we could not pray before our regular home games, we would have to rethink our membership to NSAA."