Pro-lifers Will Risk Arrest to Peacefully Protest At Pro-abortion March

( [email protected] ) Apr 22, 2004 04:07 PM EDT

Abortion is wrong. That’s the message the pro-life advocates will try to send to participants in the pro-abortion “March for Freedom of Choice" on April 25 at the nation’s capital even if it means they will face arrest.

Those engaging in the Silent No More Awareness Campaign spearheaded by pro-life activists were denied a permit to protest peacefully by the National Park Service although pro-abortion activists have opened their demonstration to other protestors representing various groups including anti-war protesters.

For many, the decision is a violation of their constitutional rights.

"If you are holding a sign which has a pro-life message on a public sidewalk, you will face arrest,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of Christian Defense Coalition, a Christ-centered activist ministry based in Washington, DC. “"We will not surrender our First Amendment rights or free speech rights.”

The ministry, which has sought a temporary restraining order against the Park Service, is determined to represent their Biblical voice despite threats.

“We will be out there Sunday afternoon even if we have to face incarceration," asserted Mahoney.

Pro-lifers plan to hold signs reading “I regret my abortion”, remain quiet, and pray.

Generation Life, a group of youth who describe their mission as, with the help of God to successfully defeat abortion and capture the hearts and souls of America's youth for God, is among that many groups that will also participate in Sunday’s peaceful protest.