YWAM Int. Launches New Website

( [email protected] ) May 08, 2004 08:48 AM EDT

YWAM launched its new international web site on May 5, 2004, boasting new features that were products of several years of work coordinated by Youth With A Mission's International Communications office.

"The new site represents phase one of a processin making YWAM’s web presence fresh and alive," reads on the new website.

There are a few things which are completely new, according to the website, including the menu, navigation system, design, and extensive content.

Visitors can now read the story of YWAM’s history and browse through a new library of over 100 articles about YWAM. They can go on a virtual Discipleship Training School or outreach. In addition, YWAM staff now have a large section of the site devoted to their needs.

YWAM’s International Communications office has managed YWAM’s international site since its inception in 1995.